Money Moves 07/22/21

I’m learning how to day trade, mostly by reading a bunch of books and watching YouTube videos. I attended a seminar that had a lot of great info. The course seemed awesome, then the guy gets to the pitch: “I’m giving you 50% off here…just $3,500 for the year.”

Well, I guess I will continue studying through books and YouTube.

Day trading seems like something I can work at over the next five years, slowly building it up until it’s something that I do on a regular basis. The fact that 97% of traders fail does not bother me. I have already done a lot of things that everybody else fails at. I’ve also failed at a lot of things everybody else fails at. It’s that or, I don’t know, keep doing my thing.

Editing is great, but I have seen the ceiling of it. I feel like I’ve pushed it as far as I can for now. Can’t go up in price because I’ll price out clients. Can’t add more volume because I take care of a baby. So I’m kind of stuck at this one income, plus or minus $500 a month.

Time to make moves toward doing something else.

I have a lot of ideas about what kind of money work I can do over the next few years, all of which will take time to build up. But at least I know that now! I remember when I first tried to make the jump to full-time freelancing, with no clients on deck AT ALL. Lesson learned on that one.

No, I’ll take it slow and steady, with no expectations and a lot of confidence.

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