Recent Stuff 07/27/22

I feel burned out with Twitter. Last night I wrote some really good tweets about numetal and Christianity. I was rocking and rolling. Then I thought, wait a minute…what am I doing? Why would I tweet this stuff? As Jay has mentioned repeatedly, the half-life of a tweet is thirty minutes. Every day new people comb the archives of this blog. It’s a better medium.

I work better with blogs. My sweet spot is that 500-word range or so.

All this in addition to the standard Twitter complaints. At this point it’s like complaining about the DMV or airports or traffic or something. Everybody knows it sucks, but they go there anyway.

Lots of stuff going on of late.

Rios and I drove the kid up to Tulsa for the weekend. We visited the Gathering Place, a nearly $500 million park/chill spot/hiking trail/skate park. It’s designed to be a labyrinth, paths twist in on themselves, rope bridges appear out of the trees. At one point we found ourselves in a clearing with a hall of mirrors. The most disturbing way to look at yourself is from the back and to the side, either from 120 or 240 degrees. Especially if you talk…that’s what you look like when someone can see your face but you can’t see them, not even in the peripheral.

I love Tulsa very much, but I’ve decided that I’m done moving for now. I no longer feel the need to move to places I find dreamlike or beautiful. I’ve settled for Edmond, a nice little suburb of OKC where there’s a Target nearby, and a cool waterpark.

What would I do in Tulsa, anyway? Go to Cain’s Ballroom? And who would watch the kid?

But I found myself enamored with it more than Austin, which is a great city in its own right. Tulsa feels like a dreamspace to me, although that could be because I spent so many drunken nights there.

I’ve been creatively busy with the No Country and Agitator podcasts. I’ve been designing the next two Broken River releases, Ghosts of East Baltimore by David Simmons and Black Gypsies by Grant Wamack. I haven’t written a lot lately…but I’m going to.

I also started an art project in my backyard. I’m going to build a Marshall Islands-style stick chart using branches that fell off a tree last ice storm.

Busy busy busy.


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