Reminder on How to Write 07/21/21

Finding time to write when you have an infant and editing work that has to get done is the toughest scheduling conflict I’ve ever dealt with. Add in the fact that I have a podcast to research and record every week, and that’s about it for my time.

I mean…I don’t even get to play Bloodborne every day. Not even every other day! What a bummer.

But I find it, all the same. Today it happened when the kid took a 45-minute nap around noon. I popped open Scrivener and shot off like a rocket, tackling about 2k words in that short time span. I recently purchased Rachel Aaron’s 2k to 10k at the suggestion of Jay, and it has worthwhile advice that I’m sure you’ve all heard before.

Advice is great but repeated advice, hammered into your head over and over again, that’s what’s really valuable. I’d recommend getting a copy of Aaron’s short book (it’s $3), but basically the advice boils down to:

  1. Know what you’re writing. Basic stuff, but not too basic. The beats of the chapter. This happens, then this, then this character feels a way about it, etc. etc. Something to turn to so you never get stuck.
  2. Block out some time to do it. Word count increases the longer you do it. This one is a big LOL from me, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just currently impossible.
  3. Get excited about what you’re writing. If you’re not having fun, or the writing feels like pulling teeth, it’s because you’re writing the wrong thing. So go back and figure out what you’re supposed to write first.

That’s pretty much it. Simple, so simple it’s not even fun. There are no a-ha! moments, no lightbulbs going off. It’s like advice about the gym: you just kind of go and start lifting heavy shit.

All the same, it’s good to have a reminder.

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