Streak Broken! 07/05/21

I’m not gonna lie…I didn’t even think about this blog over the past few days. Usually, when I forget (or come close to forgetting), I will have at one point in the day thought absently I should update the blog, and then I forget. Not so this time. Just a stone cold dropping of the ball. It’s all good though. I had a pretty decent six-month run there. And I’ll be back to it now, typing away every day. It’s good practice.

I’m thinking, however, I should have some kind of plan for what to write on these things. The past few blogs have been written in such haste, usually with like ten minutes to go, that the quality of them really suffered. I’ll spend more time thinking about stuff, and probably, from now on, if I don’t have anything to say, I’ll just refrain from saying anything. There’s no real reason to keep this thing up if I’m just gonna be talking shit.

And, taking a few days off has given me some time to reflect on things and read a bit and catch up on work. I’m deep into an edit on a book that is very, very good, but also very, very complex, and so I spend a lot of time turning the puzzle of it over an over in my head. I’ll figure it out, but thinking is an activity just like anything else. It requires attention.

Today, for example, I’ve been thinking a lot about Marxism and capitalism and how we live our lives. I was scrolling the TL on Twitter, and I was wondering at the complete schizophrenia with how people live their lives vs. the views they espouse. They just seem at odds with each other. I’ll be thinking more about this here.

Til tomorrow!

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