Rain 07/02/21

Yesterday it rained hard. I drove quickly through traffic on the way home, a big storm cell following close behind. Strange that this one moved southward; usually they go west to east, more or less. It was three thirty in the afternoon and almost night dark. When the rain came, the streets flooded quickly, and the aqueduct filled up. Oklahoma doesn’t do half-measures. It’s nothing, or it’s torrential.

The heat wave in the PNW had me worried. When I lived in Tigard, we didn’t have any A/C, because most of the time you don’t need it. The summers got hot, but I don’t think they ever came close to the stuffiness you experience when your A/C goes out here and the sun goes down. You’d think the hottest point of the day would be around noon, but it’s when the sun is going down, and the heat has accumulated in the asphalt, and the rays of the sun are doing that magnifying glass thing with the horizon.

I’ve been hard at work here, particularly working on an edit that is long overdue and presenting a challenge. I’ve written about this before, but whenever I work with someone who is really great stylistically, it can often make me feel a bit lost, or like I’m working out of my league. A few shower sessions thinking about it, though, and I found my way in. I’ll have it fixed in no time.

More tomorrow. Be well.

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