The Wild Man with No A/C 06/09/21

Running errands with an infant has to be the funniest thing of all time. It is a truly transcendental experience. Picture me, unwashed, low on sleep, lugging a carrier or with the baby strapped to my chest, walking into a Walgreen’s, searching for the FedEx drop ship station, begging the employee for help. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. God damn. I am looking haggard! It doesn’t help that our air conditioning went out yesterday. The dudes should be here to fix it later, but who knows how late “later” can be?

You get to a point where you just push through, and you accept the things you cannot change. It’s the alcoholic’s prayer blasted over a loudspeaker. And honestly, I’m completely fine with it. I know that Navy SEALs are also deprived of sleep, and subjected to the sounds of babies crying…or am I thinking of Gitmo prisoners? Either way, you get through it. It’s lovely.

I had my son on my lap today, playing peek-a-boo. He was giggling his ass off. Worth it. No complaints. Except for when I do, and then I stuff them down under the weight of my responsibilities. I embrace it.

It’s all good.

I played Call of Duty with my friends for a few hours last night while the boy slept. Against all odds, I got an editing job done. I’m caught up on my errands. When I say I “haven’t slept” I’m being dramatic. I have. Just not as much as I’m used to. I’m an unapologetic sleep fan.

I had the most Critical Kills on my team, further cementing the fact that I’m good at everything.

Yesterday was Kanye West’s birthday.

I’ve started reading Berserk, and I’m loving the medieval look of the thing. Apparently Miyazaki took a lot of inspiration from this manga. You can see it in the first issue: the Serpent Baron was a clear inspiration for the Man-Serpents found in Sen’s Fortress. Anyhow, bloody amoral fantasy comics are where my head is at right now.

Which reminds me: I’m going to do something pretty crazy here. The way I write these blogs daily, I’m going to do that (except weekly) for a novel. I have no plans for what the novel is going to be. I’m just going to start writing it as an exercise and see where it goes. I’ll do that for a year at least. Some of the entries might not be that great, but who gives a shit? It’ll be fun. I’m thinking I’ll call it God$ Fare No Better, and because it’s something I’ve “already started” I’m circumventing the moratorium on starting new projects during a Mercury Retrograde. In fact, restarting a serialized novel I gave up on almost six years ago feels like the ultimate MRx act.

Back to fathering. Have a good one.

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