dictation 06/03/21

I want to write this entire blog by dictating it into my phone. This is a new exercise to see if I can get better at this particular practice.

i’m doing this very specifically because I’m feeding my son his bottle and I don’t think I could type this entire thing out with one thumb.

this is surprisingly difficult to do I think there’s something to be said for having your fingers on the keyboard there’s some thing like a power that comes through your fingertips when you’re writing that creates a connection that’s maybe not there when you’re just talking especially if you’re just talking to yourself.

Artaud dictated Heliogabalus, I love the way that that book turned out. Might be kind of cool to try to dictate an entire novel over the course of several hours just to see what comes out. I wonder if it would be cheating to actually edit it. Like I did up there with the words ArtoAndHelio Cablas Helio Cablas.

anyway this is a bit of a test run, just getting this shot to see if I can get better at it maybe I’ll try to keep doing this in my notes app. That might be the best way to begin to dictate things. Because I have a lot of writing that I want to get done and not enough time or hands to do it. So maybe instead of binging on podcasts and otherwise trying to distract myself I can teach myself how to “right” this way. Have a good day.

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