No Country Patreon 06/o2/21

I’ve been hosting a weekly podcast for the past ten months with Kris Saknussemm, one of my favorite writers. Kris is one of the most interesting people I know, a guy with great depth and breadth of knowledge, and life experience to boot. He’s also a multimedia artist and world traveler, having lived among a tribe in Papua New Guinea.

In this show, we aim to create a fun exploration of myth, language, and culture in the interest of developing a new kind of anthropology, speculative and imaginative, that respects the cultures we examine and takes them 100% seriously. Along the way we implement elements of Fortean high weirdness, skepticism, and personal anecdote.

You can subscribe to that here.

In every episode Kris and I mention tons of supplemental material, so in addition to an extra hour of show, you’ll have access to all of the notes we compile after we record. Our goal has been to create an entire world of exploration that you can spend hours exploring. You’ll find 20th century thinkers mingling with 21st century philosophical concepts, esoteric and tribal knowledge mingling with modern technology and science.

I really think Kris and I have a great dynamic, and that we have created a body of nearly 40 episodes that speak for themselves. You can listen to the whole catalogue through episode 38 here, including the first hour of episode 39. From here on out, the full episodes (2hrs+) will be available exclusively on Patreon.

Hope to see you there!

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