Nine Eyes of Google Earth 05/29/21

I’ve been getting into the art of Jon Rafman. It’s surprising that I haven’t found his stuff before, as it’s right up my alley. Nostalgic for a future that never happened, shitty Lexxx style CGI and David Lynch vibes, making some kind of commentary but none that I care to parse out. If I had to guess, I was probably busy being mad about something online instead of checking out this shit.

One of his projects is called “Nine Eyes of Google Earth” and some of the pictures on this things are incredible. It got my wanderlust fired up, although I probably won’t be going overseas any time soon. Maybe this is what the internet is best used for, however: to see things that you otherwise won’t be able to see.

As I get back into the feeling that I’m at home, that Oklahoma is my place and is where I will likely live for the foreseeable future, I’m coming to terms that I probably won’t inhabit many other places. Although there’s always the possibility. Life enjoys fucking with you when you say shit like what I just said.

I enjoy being a stranger in places, but I don’t really care for spending too much time. The mystery wears off and it’s just a place. You have to learn the language of every place you live, even if everyone there speaks English.

I’ve shared my favorites from the “Nine Eyes” blog so far below.

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