MET Algo 09/14/21

I’m not going to write about the MET gala. I refuse.

I have a quick thought, however. It seems that the dominant discourse of today on social media is around the MG. This in and of itself is a problem.

People are allowed to talk about whatever they want, of course. I’m not the arbiter of what’s important or not. So let’s push out of our heads whether or not the MG is important.

What I do find interesting is how these discourses get started in the first place. Is this algorithmic? Artificial? What nerves do these things touch?

One day everyone will be talking about Afghanistan. Then it’s about whether or not unvaccinated people deserve medical care. And now it’s the MET gala. How does this happen? Is this fun?

My point is, why does everyone have to chime in on this?

Maybe everyone isn’t chiming in on this. It’s hard to prove a negative. A ton of people could be refusing to talk about it, and the thing is, I’d never know. Because they’re not.

But those who do…why?

I’ve signed up for Letterboxd @brbjdo. It seems interesting, just movie reviews. Maybe pure?

I like finding movies to watch, watching them, and then writing about them. On the subject of this post, however, I would love to see people pursuing things that are interesting to them. Movies, games, books, archaeology, architecture, bugs, flowers, food, whatever. Things that they discover and enjoy for themselves. Their own private discourses. An online economy of sharing that which is interesting to you, and not what the algo has decided you should be interested in.

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