Twitter Break 07/07/21

I’m taking the old Twitter break as of the writing of this blog. It seems a bit like how a drug dealer might work, every time you go back to it: your first hit is free. You’re getting likes, engagement, you feel like you’re a part of something, and then the tap slowly begins to turn off, until you’re getting nothing, and you have to use the platform more and more to get the dopamine high you got in the beginning. This happens every time. I recognize it, and for now I’m done with it.

I’d like to tackle this big Agamben omnibus (1333 pages) just for the sake of doing it. I don’t know much about him other than he’s all about “biopolitics,” and that he was based on the pandemic early on. I mostly just want to get through a big book, no matter how long it takes me. I’ve been thinking a lot about that Atlantic article, where Flanagan says that Twitter “stole reading” from her. I think it’s been stolen from me, too, and I want it back.

I’ll check back on my stuff in a week. Look for this blog to get much better as my hiatus goes on.

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