Apocalypse Party 06/30/21

The boy sleeps through the night now, which is a plus. The issue now is that he is what his grandmother calls an “embrazilado” (might be misspelled), meaning he has to be held if he’s awake. He’s learning how to self-soothe a bit, but largely he will start crying if he’s put down. Not just that, be he will start crying while being held if I sit down. And not to sound like a total wimp, but after an hour or two of carrying the child and pacing back and forth, my arms get tired and I get bored and so I lay him down and, immediately, the crying begins. Such is life, I suppose. He’s in his carrier right now, so at least I have my hands free.

https://thejdoshow.podbean.com/e/the-pain-cave-with-apocalypse-party/I invited Ben from Apocalypse Party on The JDO Show yesterday. I really like Ben, and I think what he’s doing with his press is exciting. They’ve had numerous titles worth checking out in the past year, and they’ll be releasing a total of ten this year (which is too many, but who knows? He might be better equipped to deal with that load than I was when I was in his position).

Overall, I cannot think of another small publishing house that is putting out work this exciting, except maybe Infinity Land Press. Highest possible recommendation.

Work continues on the editing front. We’re hoping to get Rios back home within two months, so that I can pick up my work and support her and the kiddo. I have a lot of independent projects (that’s basically how I make a living), and those are near impossible to do when you have to spend most of your free time holding/walking with a baby. Although I do love smiling at him and having him smile back. I just need to work. I think we’ll be happier when our roles are reversed and I can take on a more stereotypically “male” role in the relationship.

Until tomorrow!

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