JDO Show Restart 06/19/21

Today, the kiddo and Rios and I went down to Lawton on our weekly visit to The Grandmas. It’s a fantastic time, truly wonderful, during which our mothers dote on the boy, and I can get some work done. But also, they really enjoy going to Target, so sometimes I have to play chauffeur. Which is fine.

I’m going to be starting up the JDO Show again soon, as the most low-effort podcast you could possibly imagine. I am literally going to be recording calls with people I want to talk to and posting those directly to the internet. It will be nice to talk to people, which is something I want to do. But the ‘cast will have absolutely no direction or purpose outside of documenting these convos, because sometimes interesting things come out of them.

I noticed that I don’t care for slickly produced pods anyway. I kind of like the sound of people over the telephone. It creates a kind of separation that makes them prettier, the way Byung-Chul Han describes beauty. If smoothness brings to mind touch, and touch is the thing that brings you the closest you can be to an object, then rough edges separate, and only in separation can something be beautiful. It makes intuitive sense to me, although I’m not sure I’m explaining it well enough. It’s got something to do with Kant.

Something I’ve really been wanting to do is take my little TASCAM recorder out in the wild and record interviews with some of the weirdos around town, although that is a bit more of an investment of time, and I normally have the kid with me, so I won’t be bringing him around meth addicts any time soon. But it’s on the list of projects I’d be interested in doing.

Anyhow, I posted this on Twitter, but if you want to be on the show, let me know. I’d be happy to talk about whatever, but if you have a specific thing to talk about, that would work even better for me, because as I said, low effort = the best. I would prefer you be a good talker before you request being on the show, as there’s nothing worse than trying to keep a conversation going with a person who is answering in one word…”yes and” me!

Also, I’ve had some cool guests on before: Gordon White, Conner Habib, Elle Nash, Scott McClanahan, Brian Evenson, Juliet Escoria, Sean Kilpatrick, Jeremy Robert Johnson, the list goes on and on. You can find the archived episodes at http://thejdoshow.podbean.com.


  1. mooncatpdx says:

    I’d be down to do a call with you and post it. Not sure if I’m caliber enough for your show. I think we could cover a range of things, but like the intersection between occultism/witchcraft, parenting and writing. Seems like a sounds starting point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brbjdo says:

      Sure, come on the pod!


      1. mooncatpdx says:

        Let me know when you want to do a call! Evenings are best for me, cuz working mom life. lmcatstormler@gmail and I can send you a good number to call. Unless you still have my number from forever ago? I know I’ve lost yours… I’ve gone through a few phones since then….


  2. James says:

    I’d be up for talking cause why not. I can rant and rave about academia or how the Criterion collection and meditation is getting me through the pandemic in Europe.

    Liked by 1 person

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