Robbed! 05/23/21

I had a feeling. I had a fucking feeling! When I got back from picking up McDonald’s to satisfy Rios’ cravings, I had a feeling. Make sure you lock the door, the feeling said. Then I sat on my couch, reading Programmed to Kill by David McGowan, and I had a thought: is that my car door opening? The cicadas had been kamikaze diving against my front door all night, so I shrugged it off.

But no, I was being robbed. That sounds dramatic. Basically someone went through my glove compartment and my center console. They took the cash I had in there (about $10) and left my debit card in the grass. I ordered a new one. Overall, not too bad. And I should have fucking known. I do live in a neighborhood with very high property crime, but I’ve always kind of shrugged it off. I say hello to all my neighbors…surely one of them didn’t betray me! (lol)

It was Saturday night, and I’ve been where that (those) guy(s) were at mentally. You’re drunk, you want a bit more booze (or something else) and you just need a quick $10. So you troll the neighborhood and see whose car doors are unlocked. To clarify, I’ve never robbed anyone, mostly because I was scared of the karma. But I understand the impulse.

Mostly though you just kind of feel icky. Someone was in my car. Yuck.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful rainy day, and there isn’t much else to report. I’ve been reading The Omnibus Homo Sacer by Giorgio Agamben, about ten pages a day (it’s 1333 pages). I’ve been reading Programmed to Kill at a pace of about 50 pages a day. I have about 10% left on The Courage to Be Disliked. And I’m going to continue listening to the audible of The Book of the New Sun. Among others, here and there. So I should have some books to talk about soon. By the way, does anybody else read like this, or is it strange to have a dozen books going at the same time?

Til next time!

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