Family Stuff 05/09/21

My mom and stepdad showed up today to hang out with the kiddo. In the interest of sticking to my “post every day” goal, this one will be short.

My stepdad is an interesting character. He got a call about a half an hour from a friend of his. Over the speaker phone, his buddy goes, “How are you CATFISH SLAYER?” He really does like to fish. He’ll go out in the middle of the night, sit in the bed of the truck with his .22 rifle for protection, and catch catfish. He’ll give me these big frozen bags of the stuff. It’s his thing.

We didn’t always get along while growing up, but we were (and are) also very different people. Now it’s all good.

Should have prepared something a bit earlier, but I was tidying up and making sure that the house looked presentable. But…I have completed my mission. I shall now get back to entertaining company.

I hope your weekend is going well.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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