Scheduling Snafu 04/25/21

So the chain was broken yesterday. I finished up my post for the day about value at 9am, and set it to post…today at 12 noon. I’m not counting it as a total loss, because I had the post done…I just scheduled it wrong.

Time is a strange construct, and it gets even stranger when there’s a newborn involved. I literally didn’t know what day it was.

Rios and I left for the hospital one week ago today, at 7:30pm. We left the hospital on Wednesday. There was not much in the way of sleep those days, and high stress for the duration of our stay. Once we got home, we fell into the trial-and-error process of figuring out how to take care of a baby. An hour of sleep here, an hour there. The sun rises, the sun sets…but it’s all one smear of time.

My mother showed up yesterday to help. I went to bed at 11:30pm and work up this morning around 6:30am. A proper night’s sleep. I feel so refreshed, and grateful for the help. Rios feels better too, although she had to wake up a few times to feed the kid. I wish I’d woken up to help, but I am the World’s Deepest Sleeper. The sleep itself was Deep. In my dreams, I had started drinking again, and felt great shame.

I got a chance to play Dark Souls for about an hour yesterday. I got through Lost Izalith and defeated The Bed of Chaos, a big plant Cthulhu thing. It was kind of a whack boss, in that it would sweep its big plant arms across the arena, knocking me into holes, which I learned how to roll away from, but then it would smash me, etc. To deliver the killing blow, I basically just rolled a lucky hand. The thing let up with the sweeping and smashing for a second and I was able to run up and kill the little bug guy who was controlling it. The win felt unearned, and the cheap deaths felt unearned too, leaving me feeling mildly unsatisfied with the whole thing.

Dark Souls is great about this 99% of the time, though. The deaths are always your fault, and the wins feel like true tests of skill, learning your opponent, getting the mental map in your head of how to beat them, etc.

I played Hollow Knight a bit in the hospital, as well. It’s a platformer with Soulslike elements (you lose your berries when you die, but can recover them on the next life at the point you last died, barring you don’t eat it again, big complex maps, general gloomy gothic tone), but I’m gonna finish up DS first. I have 2 & 3 as well, but I feel like a different game might be good to break em up.

Anyhow, I suppose it’s back to baby time with me. I’ll make sure I schedule this one properly. See you tomorrow!

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