HK 04/19/21

I started playing Hollow Knight on my Switch again. It’s a “soulslike,” meaning it’s similar in tone and mechanics to the Dark Souls games. It’s difficult, you lose your items when you die, but you can go back and pick them up, you wander through connected maps. The lore of the world isn’t spelled out for you (although the NPCs talk a lot more than they do in DS).

The art design of the game is fantastic, and I’m enjoying exploring the levels. Trying to stay off Twitter the next week or so. It felt like the time for a reset, to get back into the world a little bit. As someone who gets online, and must remain online, these little diets and breaks are an important part of online hygiene. The same way I fast for a day or two every three or four weeks to give my gut a rest and boost my immune system, so goes my internet diet.

Taking the four month Twitter break was great, but unfortunately, you tend to completely disappear from the public radar. And I had a book coming out, so I had to come back. But it’s all good. I’ll just play a bit more Hollow Knight, exercise, go outside, and hop back on Twitter when I feel refreshed.

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