Censorship is Good, Actually 04/15/21

Let’s look at the case of Whitney Webb’s Patreon account. Webb is a journalist. An actual journalist, someone who researches her subjects deeply. She tends to focus on high-level corporate conspiracy, everything from Big Pharma to Jeffrey Epstein. It’s fascinating reading, and she’s one of the few journalists out there bold enough to write stories that aren’t shit like “10 Ways I Am Exactly Like This Box Turtle” or “Parking Tickets are Racist.”

As far as I understand it, Webb got in trouble for linking to an article (on her personal website, not Patreon) that detailed some of the issues involved with the AstraZeneca vaccine, namely that its safety trials were less than above-board, and that AZ has ties to the Galton Institute, an organization that until 1989 actually called itself a “eugenics research” organization.

This is all true. It’s all documented. And, more importantly, it’s not on Patreon itself. So the dorks at their Ministry of Information send Webb a warning. Take the article down from her personal website, or they’ll shut down her account.

When she asks them to point out where the “disinformation” can be located in the linked article, they tell her there isn’t any. They tell her it’s not that the article is wrong or inaccurate, but that it might lead some people to get cold feet around receiving a vaccine.

We are now at a point where you can’t even post factual information if that information does not lead to a desired outcome.

This leads me back to what I was talking about yesterday, almost as if the universe was confirming my suspicion when I said, “[My smarter friends] understand the importance of narrative, and they are completely fine with truths being stifled and lies being made true if the ends justify the means.”

Which really is its own kind of conspiracy, isn’t it?

We’re seeing this same playbook being used about the vaccine passports. Information that could lead to people not liking them will be outright shut down if you can’t shout it down. Because if you’re against them, well, don’t you understand that we already have to get vaccinated to travel to different countries? Don’t you understand that children have to be vaccinated for things like rubella? You fucking rube!

Never for a second considering that a vaccine passport miiiight be just a little different than that. Apples and oranges, one might say.

It doesn’t matter that there is currently a council of the rich, headed by the actual Pope, that (in conjunction with fucking Mastercard) is attempting to “reshape capitalism” using the vaccine passport as a launchpad. Alison McDowell has done some great work studying the white papers of the think tanks involved in pushing vaccine passports, and her conclusion is that the goal is to eventually have a database of biometric information that can be speculated on by hedge funds. “Stakeholder capitalism” is what it’s called, and it entails the harvesting of all of our children’s biometric and behavioral data from the age of four. The same cabal of companies that push VPs are connected to companies that develop SmartPlay tables (basically big iPad tables with learning games) that monitor children to see how sociable or problematic they are. They keep that data for life. This allows large groups of people to be lumped into portfolios that the stock market can bet on. It’s not interdimensional vampires doing 9/11. It’s banal, but it has wildly dangerous implications.

Because, look, if someone is betting on a group of marginalized people’s health, that means there are groups of people hedging against them ever being healthy. This is a real-world bad thing for poor people across the entire country, of every skin color.

Please, for a second, consider what the US was able to push through thanks to the terror campaign (I’m talking about the media, here) in the wake of 9/11. We invaded countries, we allowed ourselves to be poked and prodded on our ways to flights, we set up black site torture chambers where we waterboarded people who’d had no due process hundreds and hundreds of times, threatened to murder their families, until they “gave up the info.” We allowed the Patriot Act to get through, we allowed the increase in constant surveillance, we gave up so fucking much because we were scared. I watched all of this happen and I had my friends at my back because we all knew these things were wrong, but those same friends got scared of the virus and now it’s “increase the security apparatus of the state, censor information, completely fuck up the mental health of our children, let the old die alone, let cancer screenings be canceled, let people kill themselves, let the food supply chain to the third world fall into ruin, let opioid use skyrocket, let the vaccine passports happen, who fucking cares what the (un?)intended consequences are, do whatever you have to fucking do, but please, please keep me safe.”

It’s exhausting.

No one cares whether or not what’s being shown to the public is true. Makes you think there doesn’t even need to be a conspiracy. People don’t want the info. Oh well.

That’s enough for today. See you tomorrow!

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  1. This is absolutely chilling: “The same cabal of companies that push VPs are connected to companies that develop SmartPlay tables (basically big iPad tables with learning games) that monitor children to see how sociable or problematic they are.”

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