Ad for Schizophrenia 04/13/21

It’s a beautiful April morning. Unseasonably cold, which makes sense, considering we had two “once every hundred years” weather events over the winter. The first one actually technically happened in the fall, the ice storm that broke all the trees. That was one of the creepiest experiences of my life. Just a steady, almost pretty rain of ice, slowly, methodically, gradually bending the trees until they snapped. Gunshot branch breaks all throughout the gray neighborhood.

Yesterday I began receiving ads on YouTube for schizophrenia treatment. It’s an ad with a guy just living a normal life, shopping for records, hanging out with friends. He’s got his bullshit under control! I’m sure, as with all ads, this has an element of “targeting” to it, as I’ve posted about my completely undiagnosed schizoid tendencies.

But what if it’s not? What if this is a random ad? That’s worse. Because what that implies is that there is a recent uptick in schizophrenic tendencies across the entire country. This is not hard for me to believe, considering that our world has devolved into a complete state of hypernormalization.

As I understand the term (from the Adam Curtis doc of the same name), “hypernormalization” occurs when the masses become used to their direct experience of reality being contradicted by state propaganda apparatuses. Think of a couple old Soviet-era Russian folks reading Pravda, which is telling them that 99% of Russians approve of the job the government is doing. Across the hall, someone is starving. The lights stay on most of the time, but they flicker. The old folks read that headline and smile with no mirth.

We’re pretty much completely through the looking glass when it comes to contradictory messages we’re receiving from the media. It’s almost become a meme that what was conspiracy theory a few weeks ago is now real, and not only is it real, but it’s good. Newsweek recently had an article on how the blood of the young might be the key to reversing aging. The Alex Jones memes came out in force. The idea that rich people, who pay scientists to work on stuff like this for them (Epstein comes to mind, remember how he was both tight with popular figures in tech/science and trying to seed the earth with a race of superbeings?), didn’t already know that the blood of the young reverses aging, and that they might, just might kidnap orphans for the explicit purpose of harvesting their blood, well…

Maybe I do need those schizo meds. Haha, jk.

Think about how schiz-inducing it must be to watch mass media and influencers completely shut down dissident voices, alternative opinions, and then have those massively powerful oligarchs come out and say, “yes, you’re not crazy, that’s exactly what we did…and it’s good.”

Lol if you care about who became president, but still, if the idea that opposing opinions can be shut down at the whim of powerful people doesn’t chill you to the bone, well, you’ve simply not yet had an opinion that contradicts the powers that be. But you will, one day, when it’s too late, and then you too will be forced to watch as reality is contradicted right in front of your eyes. You’ll watch as the mouthpieces for your dissident opinions get discredited and fired, their life’s work dragged through the mud. You’ll get shunned, people will wonder “what happened to you, you used to be so cool.” Then they’ll say “well yeah, we fudged all of that a bit…but it was for your own good.” Then everyone who called you everything in the book can say “yeah, what are you, stupid? We knew the whole time, but we were doing the best thing for the world at the moment.”

It’s all quite difficult to deal with. It leads to a feeling of dissociation. You no longer understand the people around you.

You might feel like you’re going crazy.

And a large medical company might notice an uptick for the demand for SSRIs. Good thing, too! They’ve got a bunch of them. Then you start to see ads for it on YouTube. We’ve gone from a generation of clinically depressed people to a generation of literal schizophrenics.

I’ll write more on this tomorrow. Til next time!

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