No Vape 04/05/21

I lost my vape three times in the past three days, which is a sign from the universe that it’s time to be done with it.

I have quit cigarettes and vapes for months at a time, so this is not a new or unique experience for me. I know what to expect going in. First, I’ll be very confident. I’ll have a little craving, but hey, it’s easy, just push that away.

Then, your whole brain chemistry changes. It’s not that you want to vape, it’s that the vape is actually in your hand right now, and when you look and see that it isn’t, you have this profound sense of loss, as though you’re out of joint.

But hey. Done it before, I’ll do it again.

Not drinking should make the whole thing easier, as the two went together hand in hand. It’s hard to get buzzed and not want a little nicotine to go along with it.

Writing through that, I had a craving hit me like a wave! Electricity throughout my body. I hope the intensity of this one means it’ll wear itself out early.

I have experienced every type of nicotine detox imaginable. Some have been very easy, and the two days zip by like nothing. Others have been wild and difficult. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the whole thing.

Anyway, wish me luck. I’m cutting this one short because I’m kind of PISSED OFF and need to go clean the house, keep my head out of this thing.

See ya tomorrow.

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