Tomahawk Gumroad Release 03/07/21

Waiting on the paperback cover to go live, but I’ve put up the new novella on Gumroad for “pay what you want.” The bundle includes the first two novellas in the series. If you get this one, feel free to download the next two releases when they come out for free.


It’s always exciting to put out a new book, and I hope that people like it. I spent the morning combing my old hard drive for the PDF of the original book to no avail. I put the “Uncorrected ARC” in the bundle, which I have to imagine is relatively close to the final product. Very little editing on these things.

Anyhow, it’s a Sunday. I woke up at 6 am today and got to work putting the bundle together. I have an interior to design freelance, an edit to continue working on, and a podcast to finish preparing for. It is a busy day indeed. And Rios mentioned that she wanted to get Korean food…busy busy busy.

On that note…see ya tomorrow.

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