Gym Time 03/02/21

I’d been doing calisthenics at home to limit gym time. There are many practices that the p*ndemic have forced on me that I think are actually valuable to life in general. Wearing a mask when you are sick, for example. Or perhaps staying out of bars/concerts/gyms during the months of Jan and Feb, ie the worst months for transmissable illnesses.

But I had to go back! I missed the weights, to be honest. I got a nice 45 minute workout in, drove home, and am now getting ready for a friend to come over and help me install my garden in my backyard.

I’ve always been a bit of a germophobe. Though I have OCD, it isn’t directly related to contamination fears. Those are secondary, their own thing. But I’ve always washed my hands a few more times than necessary, always stayed cognizant of the surfaces that I touch, all of that good stuff. But I never thought about the aerosolized nature of most of the particularly nasty bugs.

If that’s even how these things get around, that is.

There is a possibility, from what I’ve read and researched, that v*ruses are in fact tiny lipid e-mails, sending your body updates to react to new toxins in the environment. If you think about where most of these diseases originate, it’s in particularly gross places. Swine flu originated from a lake of pig shit that can be seen from space. Wuhan is one of the most polluted cities on earth. Isn’t it possible that a rise in respiratory illness has to do with a full-on network “update” of the lungs? With some people’s immune response unfortunately not up to the task of “updating”?

It’s possible. I don’t know! Neither do you.

Then it brings up questions as to why this “update” didn’t really seem to affect places like India. Or Japan. Or Korea. Whatever solution you’re thinking of in your mind right now, it’s probably wrong.

The whole thing is very mysterious!

Most of the certainty comes from a place of fear, from people not willing to make risk assessments for themselves, or from a deep-seated hatred of “the other side.” It’s all pretty tiresome.

Anyway, be safe out there, and keep thinking about stuff! It won’t hurt, I promise.

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