Project Completed 02/22/21

Finished the first draft of Tomahawk this morning. Finally. It feels great. The thing clocked in at 14k. I’ll make another pass. Usually that’s when I add a little more meat to the thing. Who knows? It could be the longest Black Gum book once I do that.

I can’t really explain how good it feels to actually finish something. To type “The End” (sort of, I don’t literally ever write the end, one time Jeremy Robert Johnson told me “you don’t have to do that, because once the book is over, people know it ended.”).

I went to bed last night with the last third of it in my head. I was at about 10k. Then, once I got home from dropping Rios off at work, the rest poured out in a mad 4k rush.

I won’t talk too much about the book, because I still have to go over it one more time, but then I’ll design it and slap it up on Amazon. No sense in waiting. It’s pretty much ready to go.

I’m tempted to move right into Book 4, but I’ve left Dying World alone a little too long. Do I continue my hot streak, or pause to go back to the other book?

I’ll figure it out.

I’m all typed out for the day. Time to do some editing work.

I might even play Sekiro tonight.

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