Other Sources 02/13/21

I decided recently that I would stop getting my news from American sources. UK sources, as well. I think I know enough about the Western World from the standpoint of The Cathedral at this point: politicians say a bunch of stuff and people get mad, then they don’t follow through and the other side gets mad. Concessions are made to corporate interests, fear is spread as far and wide as possible, and no one has an idea of what the world actually should look like, or maybe there are no stories to represent this.

Might as well see what the rest of the world is up to.

I go to The Japan Times to see what’s going on over there. They’re pretty concerned about the virus. They’ve been doing well as far as keeping deaths low. Recently, they closed down ten prefectures.

I went to the Swedish NPR. They’re also concerned. Sweden is seen as this country that just said “fuck it,” but when you read through their news (which, from here on out, let’s just accept that all news is skewed one way or the other) you find that they are actually deeply thoughtful about the best way to approach the spread of c****. They just went a different way. It’s better than some, not as good as others. I think it’s been pretty solid so far.

They also have stories on skiing and ice bathing. Swedes, man.

In Nigeria, they’re concerned about That Thing. There was recently a shooting at a protest at an anti-police-brutality at the Lekki Tollgate in Lagos. The protest is led by a comedian named Mr. Macaroni. The shootings were brutal.

Putin recently told the WEF and the Great Reset to go fuck itself.

It’s all very interesting. I think I’ll continue to ingest my news this way. It seems reasonable to get your information from a variety of sources, none of them unbiased, and then piece together your understanding of the world as best you can from that.

It’s the “One Reality Tunnel” model that gives people brain poisoning. If you don’t understand the other side, you’ll have to assume they’re crazy or evil.

Which…they might be! But you can find that out for yourself.

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