Tags 02/08/21

I need a license plate for my new car. I drove by the tag agency at 8am. I saw a long line out the door, stretching down the block. I thought to myself, “fuck that,” and decided I’d come back around 10am. So I did. No more line!

I walked in and saw everybody sitting around, waiting.

I asked someone, “Do I take a number?”

She said, “You have to get here at 8 and wait in line. They take your name down, and then that’s all the customers they have for the day.”

So I’m going to go out in 9-degree weather, and potentially sit at an office all day long. If you thought bureaucracy was bad before, ooo wee, has it ever gotten worse.

I have all the stuff that I need to get the tag, so I’m hoping it runs smoothly after that.

Sometimes when I think about the way that the world is going, I begin to feel helpless. It dawns on me that I’m going to be standing in lines until I can’t stand anymore. I’ll be in line to get vaccinated, in line to get my biometric data tag, in line at airports, waiting in hotels for weeks to get cleared by their health services, on and on and on.

None of this is going away.

There are people who don’t mind doing these things, and that’s fine. It sucks that it becomes a requirement to live within a society. More rules, more distance, fewer faces, more screens.

For some people, that’s hell. I’m one of them.

When I’m standing in line at a grocery store, sometimes I wonder if anything is going to be worth it in the end. It all feels pointless.

But most of life is good, I suppose. I’m being creative, and I have a great family, etc.

I’m very skeptical of people who won’t just admit that all of this sucks.

End of rant.

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