Unblocking 02/03/21

Sometimes writer’s block just happens. I’m not currently going through it, which means it’s the best time to talk about it.

First, you have to eliminate all distractions to the best of your ability. If you’re already thinking about all the ways you can’t do this, you lose.

Secondly, you have sit in front of the paper or screen and wait. That’s it. You have to wait. If you’re already thinking about all the ways you can’t do this, you lose.

Thirdly, you have to be willing to have fun while you’re shoveling some serious shit. It won’t always be bad, but hey. If you’re already, etc.

BUT: sometimes you do everything right and you still have writer’s block. In my opinion, there’s no reason to force it at this point. Writing comes from the deep and complex things happening within your mind. It is an expression of Creativity.

It helps to think of Creativity as a force, a capitalized word.

If you spent the day stressed out, didn’t get enough sleep, etc, your Creativity will be temporarily inaccessible. The same way if you spend all day stressed out and didn’t get enough sleep, you won’t have the strength to lift that heavy weight. It’s a thing.

The Creativity is there, because it is an essential component of the universe. It’s very likely it’s what everything is made out of. Part of the deal we made when we chose to incarnate as humans is to go through difficulty, to separate ourselves from Creativity (or The Source).

Side note: that’s the point of the crucifixion story. The pain and abandonment of God is the natural condition of humanity. God doesn’t just kill people, he kills himself, abandons himself. It’s easy to connect the dots if you replace God with Creativity (or any other name you choose to give it). Anyway, we all forget this when we’re born, and then we have to spend the rest of our lives remembering.

The best thing we can hope for is to minimize those “completely blocked” days as much as possible. This comes from physical fitness, mental toughness, and nutritional satiety. It also comes from experiencing Creativity (or Love), whether that’s sitting out in nature, laughing with friends, or watching a great movie (reading a book, playing a game, etc.) All of these things fill the tank.

When we can’t make a connection with that Creativity it’s like watching something trapped under ice. It’s frustrating, and all we can do is stare. But we have to wait for the ice to thaw, and for Creativity to rise to the surface.

If you treat yourself well, work towards a goal, and be kind to others, you’ll be writing about werewolf dicks and sexy vampires in no time. I promise.

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