Different Schedule 01/14/21

All right, so I have blogged every day for the past forty-five days or so, and I think I am now going to shift to blogging every two to four days. I’ll still be writing these blogs, but I’m going to spend a bit more time on the content. I’m worrying that a lot of this, while great writing practice, isn’t getting to the meat of the issues that I’m interested in communicating. That requires a bit of depth.

Also, hearing from me every day has got to get a little annoying, right?

Back soon with actual quality content.

1 Comment

  1. thejaymo says:

    I’m a fan of Matt’s personal rules for blogging. Might be some inspiration here: http://interconnected.org/home/2020/09/10/streak

    I’ve been enjoying the daily updates!


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