Panopticon 01/11/21

A friend of mine has a saying that could not be more relevant for what we’re currently living through:

“You have to kill the cop in your heart.”

Now look at these screenshots from Reddit. Snitch alert!

This kind of thing creeps me out. I know that there are lots of comparisons flying around about “censorship” and what have you, but this is probably the closest I have seen to the Soviet whisper networks of the Stalin era. Neighbors turning in neighbors (they were having a party!), family members informing on other family members (they went to the Capitol!), etc. etc. You read this history, which is not even a hundred years old, and you think in your naievity that it could never happen here, in your life.

And then you realize that people are people. They will turn you in. They will let you die in jail. The scariest part is they’ll sleep like a baby at night.

We keep doubling down on this shit. No one is willing to give an inch. Here’s something to think about:

We live in a surveillance state. We’re never getting rid of that. We live in a police state. We’re probably never getting rid of that.

This is the final piece of the puzzle. The panopticon. Once we start sending our neighbors and friends and family to jail for thinking differently than us, it’s all over.

It is probably already all over.

It will be fun to watch.

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