Conspiracy 01/09/21

Yarvin has been playing a blinder of late. Although I think, drunk on the absurdity of this moment (and more than likely a little scotch), he becomes somewhat incoherent around his second 4,000 word blog post. Still, if you’re following me and not reading these Yarvin pieces, I’d recommend doing so. He doesn’t have all the answers, but I think he has a brilliant insight into several missing pieces.

I was talking to my pal Jordan Harper last night about conspiracy theories. He recommended this podcast, and this book about the JFK assassination. Jordan is a smart guy, and much more levelheaded than I am. To my mind, when it comes to the JFK assassination, I don’t actually care what you believe exactly happened. I have a simple question: do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone? Or do you think something funny was going on?

If you answer the former, and you’ve actually seen the evidence (as in the actual documents declassified by the CIA), then you officially have to go through more hoops to assert that there was nothing going on than the conspiracy theorists has to go through to prove the opposite. Occam’s Razor doesn’t mean nothing happened.

Talking to another friend, back when Epstein got killed, this friend is a total hater of conspiracy. He just hates ’em. To his mind, everything can be chalked up to human incompetence. Epstein did hang himself, and yes, the camera did go out at just the right moment so that the on-duty guards couldn’t see anything, etc. It really just happened that way.

That seems…unlikely to me, but who cares? Let’s talk about how these positions can be important to developing a worldview. My issue for the past year or so is that I attributed to malice what could have been attributed to ineptitude. The Great Coup of 2021 definitely helped in that regard, seeing absolute fumbling idiots get to the “final level” of protests and just…stopping. HOWEVER, what I would put to those like my friend who hates conspiracy, that doesn’t mean that evil machinations are never coordinated by large governmental organizations.

What I mean is, don’t forget that when it comes to power, sex, and money, people can be nasty motherfuckers. And don’t even get me started on the CIA.

Look, being “realistic” does NOT mean simply going with the most boring possible answer you can think of. Sometimes people conspire, sometimes life is exciting, and sometime people taze their balls to death.

Anyone know if that one’s true? Seems like a conspiracy to me.

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