End of the Year 12/31/20

It’s the last day of 2020. This has been the most frustrating year of my life, and I think I share a lot of other people’s sentiment when I say that it was incredibly long. It is nuts to me that in March I was working at Adventures in Learning. We had trips planned. Work scheduled. Then it ended abruptly.

This year has given me the deepest insight into the human psyche that I could have ever hoped for, even deeper than I really wanted. I watched helplessly as people descended into insanity. Absolute insanity. Which then compounded. I saw a woman walking in to Walmart the other day wearing goggles, two masks, and latex gloves. 2020 broke a lot of brains.

People are motivated by fear. Everything else is really just a smokescreen. They can make claims that they care about XYZ, but they’re afraid. It was an ugly, nihilistic rabbit hole to go down. I came out of it, went ahead and quit social media, and now I feel much better.

I moved to Oklahoma from El Paso. I got my shit together. I started editing full time again. I’m going to be a family man! All of that is wonderful, and exciting.

But yeahl…I’m not sure that I have much more to say about this year. Maybe I will in five years.

Have a good one, folks!

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  1. My mental health definitely regressed for a while there this year. It took until November for me to get back on track. Still doesn’t feel real, but I think being far away from social media has been a huge factor.


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