UFO Sighting 12/24/20

Interesting way to start Christmas Eve: I saw something really weird on my drive home from dropping off Rios at work.

The thought process goes like this:

1) Airplane. Huh. An airplane.

2) That airplane is moving really slow.

3) …is it moving at all?

4) It is not moving.

5) Is anyone else seeing this?

So yeah. Very bizarre. I had to force myself to keep my eyes on the road. The UFO hovered in place. If I could compare it to anything, it kind of had the angles of a stealth plane. Polygonal?

My dad is a cryptozoology and UFO nut, so I sent him the pic, excited to maybe get a little fatherly approval. ‘It’s an airplane,’ he texted back.

Maybe next time.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve!

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