Digital Gardens 12/22/20

I got a lot out of this presentation from Willa Köerner about how to approach social media and the internet in general. I’ve noticed that since I’m no longer doomscrolling, I have a lot more time to do the things that I care about. My house is cleaner, books are getting read, I’ve even fought the Moonlight Butterfly about a dozen times in Dark Souls.

The internet doesn’t just disappear, though, and I have to reckon with the fact that I can’t escape from it, and that in some capacity, I may have to go back to Twitter.

Not now, of course. Not for at least a solid year. And after that, my plan is to only interact with it as an automated Tweetdeck link dumper. I gave so much of my time to the site that I feel comfortable using it strictly as a tool from about this time next year on.

This slideshow brings out questions: how do you want your internet persona to be perceived? What kinds of communities do you want to create? What kind of ideas do you want to plant?

My major ideas, so far as I can figure them, revolve around the novel and storytelling. I’m interested in creating a framework of artistic life that brings in animism, physicality and technology, with the creation of “the novel” at its center, as a quiet religious practice. Once I have that as my thesis, I can begin to curate content that fits my goals better.

I’ve just thought out loud again, and I’ll now leave this quick post feeling like I have direction. This really is a thing!

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