Bumper 12/18/20

I’ve been getting into roguelikes again. For a period of time, The Binding of Isaac became my favorite game. I logged into Steam for the first time in three years. Looks like I played a sum total of 4 hrs. Again, not a big gamer.

Dark Souls drew me back in. The difficulty appealed to me. I’m terrible at video games, but for some reason I always want to play the hardest ones I can find. I probably logged about an hour of DS per day for a while there. Then I lost my charger for a few months and didn’t play anything. Such is my way.

I’m feeling drawn back to videogames based on the opportunities for storytelling they possess. Can anyone point me in some good directions for new and inventive storytelling in games?


  1. In terms of storytelling, I cannot recommend the Ori games enough. Beware, though; they’re tearjerkers! Since your a 90s kid like me, I think you’ll also love Streets of Rage 4. Not much in the way of story, but it’s a ton of fun. I also love Into the Breach and Battletech.


    1. brbjdo says:

      Ori looks amazing!


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