Goldeneye/Snow 12/13/20

Started off the day with a cup of bone broth in one hand and matcha green tea w/ ashwagandha & gotu. The snow came right on time, even if it was mostly slush.

Took a morning walk to Gray Owl coffee. It’s been in Norman for what, ten years? It’s a great store, but I worry about their $$ during These Capitalized Times. If you’re in the Norman area, patronize this establishment (none of the picture I took are actually of Gray Owl, btw).

Maybe I’ll take more morning walks. I probably would have thought a lot more if the wind hadn’t been blowing the sleet and snow directly into my face. Rios thinks I’m strange whenever I go out into the elements. Makes me feel like Calvin’s dad.

Just me and some transient folks out and about at this time of day. They announce themselves loudly. Cars swish through the slush. The sky was this magnificent slate gray, like the sky in Goldeneye.

Or maybe it’s just the whole color palette of those first few levels.

I always used to murk these guys. What good is having a license to kill if you don’t use it to murder scientists?

Thinking about Goldeneye now. I used to watch the movie over and over, and the game took up near-permanent residence in my buddy’s N64.

It seems like there’s a remake in the works, or there was until the fan-made Spies Don’t Die got slapped with a C&D.

Hopefully technology gets so fast and so awesome one day that a game like this could exist after a week of development, and fly under the radar long enough to embed itself deeply in pirate sites, before any legal action can be taken. That’s the dream, right there. Of course that more than likely comes along with things that are Terrifying and PKDickian, but perhaps we could have a neat Goldeneye remake.

Incredible tree.

Maybe it’s not the game that I’m remembering so much as the geography of Germany. Neubrucke means “new bridge” I think. A huge hill in front of our apartment building led down to the playground/school. Behind the school there was an old pillbox/bunker thing graffiti’d with swastikas and Very American slurs, if you catch my drift.

Anyhow, the sky turned this kind of gray for most of the winter, there. Nearly twenty-two years apart, two places across an ocean are linked by memories of a James Bond video game.

Didn’t intend for the N64 nostalgia to come on so strong this morning, but I’m glad it did. That’s what I’m finding so interesting about blogging. I am able to follow threads in my mind, and present them in a semi-organized format. The atomized doom porn of The Bird Site completely kneecaps this ability in the average person, leading to reactive kicking and screaming rather than cozy little Sunday blog posts about a cold walk and an old videogame.

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